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'Double Fudge' by Judy Blume


Publisher, Dutton Children's Books

Many children most likely recognize Judy Blume’s books for her series of Fudge Books, which are usually available through school library market programs. She was awarded the Buckeye Children’s Book Award (Ohio): Grades 3 – 5

‘Double Fudge – Money Money’ by Judy Blume
This Double Fudge, which is fourth in her series, has Peter, the older brother to Fudge, dealing with Fudge’s obsession with and greed of money and how his parents need to convince Fudge that being rich isn’t the most important thing in life.
Fudge is a five year old who wants to buy everything and starts drawing his own Fudge Bucks and says when he grows up he will buy the world and call it Fudgington.
Adventures begin when they take Fudge on a trip to Washington C.C. to the mint so he can learn about money in his parent’s hope that he will start to comprehend how money is made and distributed. They explain to him the need to earn money versus having it handed to you.
Fudge drives his older brother crazy with his antics and usually is an embarrassment to Peter until while in Washington they run into long lost cousins (twins and a 4 year old) who eventually come to visit and cause Peter and even Fudge frustration.
This author’s books could well be children’s introduction to chapter type books. As they venture through the book, they will discover the reason for the title Double Fudge and laugh at the antics of Fudge and his cousins.
‘Double Fudge’ is available at the following:
Some copies available as a distribution to the school system market.

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