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Double amputee clubs home invader, sits on intruder until police arrive

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A Dayton, Ohio, double amputee got the drop on a home invader this weekend when he went to defend his wife in what police say was an attempted burglary, knocking the intruder to the ground and sitting on him unitl the police arrived to arrest him.

The New York Daily News reported June 23 that Roy Davis was sitting in his wheelchair on the front porch of his Dayton home when he heard his wife scream his name from inside the house.

His wife, Kenisha Marbury, had just got home from work. She went into a bedroom in the house thinking she had heard a squirrel or raccoon that might have found its way into her home.

“I go in there and there’s a grown man in my bedroom," she told WHIO-TV in Dayton.

“I grabbed him around the waist and said, ‘You’re not going anywhere’ and started screaming,” she said. “I started yelling, ‘Roy, Roy, there’s somebody in our house!’”

Davis, who has two prosthetic legs, wheeled himself into the house. He hit the intruder, identified as 49-year-old Joseph Copeland, over the head with a liquor bottle. Davis then sat on the dazed Copeland until police arrived and made the arrest.

Copeland told police he entered the house because he did not think anyone was home. He told police that some drug dealers had told him there was cash in the house.

Copeland is believed to have been inebriated during the alleged break-in and police also think he should be treated at a mental health facility.

Both men, Copeland and Davis, were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.