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H&M, along with have partnered with actress Olivia Wilde for a socially conscious change aimed at the youth of today. The campaign, Comeback Clothes encourages young people to give their old and worn-out clothing a new life through recycling for a sustainable yet fashionable lifestyle.

From April 17 to June 20, young people can collect old and worn-out clothing from their schools and around their community to drop off at recycling bins at any H&M store. Any type of clothing brands and conditions will be accepted. H&M will then take these clothes and send them off to a recycling facility where they will be recycled and given a new life. With statistics showing that 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year that could be recycled, that adds up to over 70 billion t-shirts!

'Everyone has a t-shirt with a coffee stain that sits in the back of her closet,' says Nancy Lublin, CEO and 'Chief Old Person' at 'Comeback Clothes is awesome because it's an easy way for young people to help the planet and repurpose all of those single socks.'

Olivia Wilde was chosen for this campaign based on her background as an activist and Conscious Commerce (which is all about recycled and sustainable fashion) co founder. As part of the campaign Olivia Wilde made a public service announcement with her very own super hero 'Princess Layers'.

'I'm excited to work with and H&M to encourage our generation to recycle old clothing with Comeback Clothes,' says Olivia Wilde. 'Their message is very much in line with the philosophy behind my company, Conscious Commerce, which encourages young people to live an overall more conscious lifestyle and leave our world in a better state than how we found it. Recycling old clothes is a wonderful and deliberate choice that positively affects our world, and I'm proud to help that cause!'

To celebrate Earth Day, today April 22, H&M will have a pop up sustainability booth in NY located in Union Square Park where volunteers can stop by and drop off their old and unwanted clothes. Afterward H&M will take their pop up store to three major college campuses to encourage more people to donate their clothing. H&M will be at UCLA on April 23-24, University of Texas at Austin on April 30-May 1 and at Penn State on May 6-7. As an additional bonus, anyone who donates and takes a picture of themselves and submits it to will automatically be entered to win a $10,000 scholarship, and receive a 15% discount off their entire next purchase.

To learn more visit and to learn more about H&M as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies click here. Also to learn more about H&M's Conscious and Conscious Exclusive Collections, please click here.

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