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Dos and don'ts of customer service

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There is no denying the fact that client satisfaction is vital for business organizations to prosper, and there are a number of innovative techniques that can help enterprises improve their services- but it is very important to follow some basic rules of customer service to live up to the expectations of consumers.

Whether you are a product oriented enterprise or a service oriented organizations, you have to understand the dos and don’ts of customer service. Customer service focuses on four organizational aspects; key drivers, analytics, business networking and advertisement of products and services. Understanding the dos and don’ts of every aspect is the key to flawless customer service:

Key Business Drivers Dos and Don'ts:

Do interact with customers and give them quality time and attention.
Do give adequate attention to every customer and listen to their problems attentively.
Do inform consumers about your products and services and lead them to unexplored choices.

Don’t impose your opinions and suggestions on customers.
Don’t be too sales pitchy- promote your products but be honest.
Don’t overwhelm consumers by forcing them to buy products. Maintain a convincing tone and come up with credible arguments.

Business Analysis Dos and Don'ts:

Do rely on business analytics tools to measure your performance and understand the mind set of customers.
Do evaluate customer service routinely to determine whether your clients are satisfied with your services.
Do welcome new customers and retain the existing ones by targeting their demands and delivering them exactly what they want.

Don’t overwhelm consumers with unnecessary details about your products and services. Don’t tell them the entire manufacturing procedure when they are only interested in the end result.
Don’t tell consumers they are uninformed or sound impractical (even if they do) - instead, educate them and motivate them to become knowledgeable.
Don’t discuss or criticize you competitors in front of consumers. This is extremely unprofessional and unethical.

Business Networking Dos and Don'ts:

Do use all the available online and offline communication channels to stay connected with your customers.
Do provide consumers with an easy-to-access and 24/7 prompt helpline service.
Do encourage consumers to give feedback and products and ensure them improved services in the future.

Don’t just stuff your channel with fluff content. Inform consumers about how you are and why they should choose you.
Don’t rely on too mainstream ideas to interact with consumers. Be innovative and be original to stand out of the crowd.
Don’t tweet unnecessarily. Update consumers about new launches and promotions but don’t bombard them with tweets.

Advertisement Dos and Don'ts:

Do use mobile innovations and technology tools to advertise your products and services.
Do encourage customers to give feedback and appreciate their reviews on your official site.
Do conduct surveys and regulate questionnaires to know the likes and dislikes of customers and understand their expectations.

Don’t surprise customers with new products. Inform them about upcoming ventures.
Don’t publish only positive reviews. Appreciate clients on their constructive comments.
Don’t adopt negative advertisement strategies i.e. promoting your services by degrading your competitors.