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Dorydrive out touring behind Here's To You

Dorydrive has made Michigan their home away from home and recently played some shows in the area while out promoting their latest album, Here's To You.

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Dorydrive just began another leg of their tour last week that kicked off with some midwest dates and will then swing through the south before they head out to play some summer festivals.

The band is still working on their festival schedule but they will be playing in May in Oklahoma at Rocklahoma along with Kid Rock, Pop Evil, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Label Society, Trivium and Lacuna Coil among others.

Formed in 2010, the band features the former front man of Atlanta-based Echovalve, Mathieu Nevitt, along with the quartet of Joey Zak, Tom’e LaBrosse, Henry Koller, and Nicholas Mendini of the Milwaukee power house Marashino.

They independently released their debut album Calling On Angels in 2012 and in February they released Here's To You on Rock Ridge Music. The album features the title track which has been getting a lot of radio airplay.

Nevitt says that the band has seen a pretty positive reaction to the new album, "We did utilize some of the music off of our independent release but it was cool because without a label a lot of songs didn't get their due so it's cool that we were able to include them on this release. As far as we've seen sales have been really positive. The live shows have been incredible. Digital sales have been awesome. Physical in-store numbers we only get once every three months and we were right on the cusp there so we'll see what happens."

He went on to explain just how the process for this album was different from their debut, "Well we worked with a different producer and that always makes things a little different. It was fun and we really enjoyed it. Every producer has their own way. They're kind of running their show in the studio. Before the producer we were working with down in Nashville had more of a militant approach. He was a ridiculously good musician, especially when it came to the guitar so he had a militant approach when it came to directing guitars and such but he had an incredible ear and is a great producer. Erik Nelson, the producer that we are working with now is a little bit more laid back. He's still an amazing musician too and has a fantastic ear. He's been working with big pop artists for years now along with a bunch of metal bands and things like that. He does a lot of hip hip too. That was cool because he really helped what we hear in our ear become a reality. He's given us a progressive sound from where we were. We're still emulating the mix of country, rock and pop. I mean that's Dorydrive but it is a bit more progressive. We are trying to capture everything positive in music today and utilize that."

The members of Dorydrive draw from a wide range of musical influences and that diversity comes through in their own music, "We're not scared to utilize that and I don't think you should be. It should be a full album and I think it's been a long time since you could release an "album". Back in the day you would get a band that would have ballads and then heavier stuff and then kind of the off the wall stuff and that's kind of a treat for the listener. It's like, oh that's an album and not just the same thing every single song. That's kind of boring. It's unfortunate," explained Nevitt.

He says that live the band is really enjoying playing "Perfect Chemical", which he says comes off like a "monster" and captures the audiences attention with it's pop and rock fusion.

Moving forward, Nevitt shared that he's hoping that the band can tour off of the album for the next couple of years rather than having to go back into the studio, "I think that if that would be the case that we're still touring off of this album then it would be proven that there was more than 1 or 2 singles off of this album."

He says that right now the title track is seeing some airplay on the active rock scene and although he doesn't feel that there is where the band really belongs, it is a door that will help them cross over into the mainstream.

The touring scene is really what has helped Dorydrive thrive but Nevitt says that unfortunately constant touring is not something that a lot of younger bands can do, "It's almost physically impossible for a new band to get out there and tour. It's just not like it used to be. I remember seven years ago where venues were paying $200 just to have you come and play and it didn't matter what promotion you had going or whether you had a song on the radio or if you had history, they just wanted to see you. You can't do that anymore. Not as a new band that no one has ever heard of. Luckily for Dorydrive we had history. I had toured in Echovalve forever and the guys were in a band together who had also done some touring so we had an open book to venues and promoters and booking agents. Nowadays you can have a great record but if you're not bringing people in the door noone cares about you. It's sad."

When asked what he feels is the best part about being in the music business he answered, "I've been playing music for a long time and I've been playing professionally for almost eight years and if there's any positive about it it's playing a show and meeting the fans. Just seeing how your music has affected someone. That's huge and, you know, the things that you leave behind like your family and things like that is sometimes justified for a couple of seconds when someone can really show you some emotion towards what you've done. Originally that's what I set out to do in the beginning. It was to inspire people with my music."

Nevitt says that there's not much that he could tell people about himself that would surprise anyone but he did share something that recently happened to him, "On a interview the other day somebody asked me about my name and whether it was actually spelled Mathieu and I finally cracked! [laughing] I mean it doesn't really matter, does it? No, it's not actually spelled like that, it's Matthew like from the Bible. That's what my mother gave me but I decided probably when I was like seventeen years old to spell it Mathieu because this way I could decipher whether it was going to be music related or whatever. It's absolutely ridiculous but I was seventeen and hyped up about possible future adventures so I kept it and there's not a lot of people who know that."

Finally, Nevitt had this to say to the fans, "Keep coming to our shows. Keep being pro-active. Spread the word of Dorydrive and pick up the album if you haven't picked it up yet. Continue requesting "Here's To You" on all the local rock stations across the United States because honestly other than the hard work we put into this touring and everything else, it's really up to our fans to keep us afloat."

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