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DORS: The gateway to your professional future

You're in school. You're independent. You want a career, but you need help to get there. Where do you go?

The Department of Rehabilitation Services, also known as DORS, works with disabled individuals to assist with funding for school, vehicle modifications, and equipment needed on the job. A DORS case manager visits local high schools to provide information to students with learning or physical disabilities explaining how the program works and what options are best suitable for the student's career goal. Once a case is started, the student decides what equipment would make it easier and more efficient to complete work on the job. DORS will also help in the cost of college tuition, depending on if the student is enrolled full or part time.

Vehicle modifications can have a large price tag, which includes the cost of the vehicle itself. DORS is able to cover either some, or all, of the modifications needed, whether the individual drives or if the vehicle is only for transport. If the vehicle is going to be driven by the disabled person, the cover of the modifications would depend on what is needed. For example, lower effort in the steering wheel that would cost more than hand controls for operation of the vehicle. Wheelchair ramps are easily, if not already installed, and can be put in the side or the rear of the vehicle.

Depending on the individual's career responsibilities, there are technological tools that could be provided to make work more comfortable to do. DORS will supply equipment such as computers, monitors, and speech devises to ease the physical tasks of their job.

For more information on DORS and how to get a case started, log on to .


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