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Dorothy Hodgkin gets a Google doodle today

Dorothy Hodgkin's 104th birthday
Dorothy Hodgkin's 104th birthday

Google celebrates Dorothy Hodgkin's 104th birthday with a Google logo (doodle).

She was born Dorothy Mary Crowfoot in 1910 in Cairo, Egypt. She had a passion for chemistry. She discovered the molecular structure of vitamin B12 and confirmed the structure of penicillin. She was credited with the development of protein crystallography and received the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1964. She lived until 1994 and died in England.

Since 1998 Google has been displaying special logos called doodles that celebrate anything from celebrity birthdays to holidays to well-known events. Their first special logo was August 30 1998 when the two Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, decided to go to the Burning Man festival. They put up a different logo on their search engine that in a subtle, comical way told people they would be gone for a while. It took about two years before the next doodle appeared. Since then they have created and displayed hundreds of unique logos. See all of their doodles. Read the history of how it all started.

From time to time Google has a Google 4 contest where they invite children to draw a doodle that could make it to Google's home page. Some of them are amazing. They are in the process of choosing one from the many entries they received in their latest contest.