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Dorner's dopey devotees

We've been living with double standard liberal/socialist/Democratic (LSD) hypocrisy for so long by now that it's part of the landscape. A mass shooting occurs in Newtown, Columbine, Aurora, or Virginia Tech and the LSDs jump on the gun-control bandwagon. But if a former police officer turns cop-killer, they suddenly start making excuses for him. Christopher Dorner, after all, told us why he did it. The man wrote it all down in his "manifesto." He was "fighting institutional racism."

So it was hardly shocking when a gaggle of sign-carrying dummkopfs showed up outside the Los Angeles Police Department over the weekend to protest perceived LAPD "racism" and to lend their support to Dorner's "well-documented" crusade.

They were hardly alone. CNN reported on at least two Facebook pages that had been set up in Dorner's corner. As insane as it sounds, the guy has fans. Apparently, at least with some LSDs, it's ok to commit murder if you have the right intentions.

"We stand with Christopher Dorner" logged 18,336 Dorner fans.

"We are all Chris Dorner" garnered 3,819 "likes." The page was full of lamebrained comments expressing sympathy for the man who murdered four people, including two police officers. That he was the "victim of a manhunt and smear campaign" was one comment that adequately captured the theme.

Not all of us, however, "are" Chris Dorner, nor do we wish to "stand with" him, or anywhere in his immediate vicinity for that matter. Inquiring minds want to know more. A lot more. CNN "journalist" and news anchor Don Lemon insists that Dorner is "quite sane," and that his "manifesto" should be read with a discerning eye. According to Lemon, we "need to read and think." So we read and, sane or not, think that too many questions still remain.

In an effort to clear things up, CNN trotted out "Professor" Marc Lamont Hill of Columbia University, as they are wont to do whenever they seek "heavyweight, intellectual" analysis. "Professor" Hill was asked why it is that Chris Dorner, cold-blooded murderer, was receiving so much online support.

The "learned Professor" answered that Dorner was "a real life superhero to many people...They are rooting for somebody who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system. It's almost like watching 'Django Unchained' in real life. It's exciting." Exciting? Superhero?

Well, perhaps the "learned Professor" reasons that it isn't as if Dorner had gunned down 6-year old school-children, or high school kids, or college students, or people quietly enjoying a film in a movie theatre. Dorner maybe didn't take the life of someone he knows. No, the "learned Professor's heavyweight, intellectual analysis" must go deeper than that. But not much deeper.

For the "learned Professor," it's that Dorner went after police officers, and racist cops at that. "Everyone" knows that the LAPD is a racist organization because Dorner said it was. Or maybe he only confirmed what "everyone" already knows. The "learned Professor" sees no need to go through the bother of looking into Dorner's accusations. No need for Freedom of Information Act requests, which Dorner himself encourages in his "manifesto." No investigation. No judge. No trial. No jury of his peers. No other side of the story.

"Professor" Hill sees no need for any of that. He has the word of a "wronged" black former police officer. It matters not at all to him that Dorner was fired from the LAPD because he was found guilty of filing a false police report, on a fellow officer no less. That is a cardinal no-no. If Dorner was willing to file a false report on a fellow officer, what would stop him from doing the same to anyone? So what if any of that is true? The accusation of institutional racism by a black man is enough for him.

That attitude brands "Professor" Hill as himself a racist. That a moron such as he is paid to teach at an American institution of higher learning is nothing short of travesty.

As for Christopher Dorner, he takes his rightful place in the pantheon of mass murderers from Caligula to Lanza. It matters not that he wrote that he favored more gun-control legislation, that he admired LSD "journalists," and that he loved President Obama or that Michelle's bangs turned him on. That he pictured himself as a warrior in the fight against racism doesn't cut it either, or that he wanted "his name" cleared and his life back.

Those are the "details" that Don Lemon and "Professor" Hill would have us focus on. Is mass murder only of secondary importance to them? It sure sounds like it.

Dorner had issues with the LAPD. That much is certain. His complaints may or may not have been legitimate. If they were legitmate though, why stoop to murder? Moreover, he knew that his declaration of guerilla war against the department would not end well. He did not expect to survive and he said so. His "manifesto" amounts to little more than a seemingly endless "suicide by cop" note.

The man had legal options open to him and, as a former police officer, he knew it. Yet, he chose to take the law into his own hands and murdered four people. Any legitimate basis for his case went out the window when he did that. There are no mitigating circumstances.

What it all comes down to is that Dorner was just another coward in the string of recent mass murderers who took his own life rather than take responsibility for his actions before the law. He gets no sympathy here. His suicide is an indication that he knew that he had no justification for what he was about to do.

The funny thing is that the dimwits parading in protest outside the LAPD and posting their just short of congratulatory messages for him online might easily have made up the jury of his peers. Dorner might have been the second coming of O.J. Simpson.

That we were all spared that sorry spectacle is at least of some comfort.


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