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Dorm Design

Picture of art from a previous article
Picture of art from a previous article
Third Row Designs

There are many articles floating around about how to design, personalize and organize small spaces such as apartments and studios. These small spaces, however, rarely include dorm rooms. I find that very disturbing. So much goes into kids’ and teens’ rooms as well. The dorm scene is desolate! There is a whole section of back to school gear designed for college students, but nothing that’s interesting or personal. Well no more, at least if you’re willing to do a little crafting.

There is a wonderful book called “Dorm Décor” written by Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith that gives projects to make for your room and typical layouts for dorm rooms. The projects require little and no sewing. They include a reversible duvet cover, lamp shade, desk top organizers and embellished towels to name a few.

If you’re not crafty you can still make these projects. Other ways you can make your space your own this school year is to purchase vinyl wall designs. They come in every conceivable pattern and color and come off as easy as they go on. Plain photo boxes can be decoupaged with paper or fabric and used as storage. If you read my article on making art you’ll find a way to make wall art and/or coasters out of 4” by 4” artist canvases. Repurposing coffee cans is another option. Simply peel off the label and paint with an acrylic paint. You can also cut cardstock or scrapbooking paper to cover it. You can cover part of the lid as well, or leave the can open.

I hope some of these ideas are an inspiration to you. The book “Dorm Décor” is truly a wonderful book with great inspiration, instruction and patterns. It’s available at JoAnn’s and on