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Doritos: Shrimp and mayonnaise flavored Doritos hit shelves in Japan

Doritos flavors have been known to push the envelope... but the newest flavor really has gone too far. Stores in Japan are carrying shrimp and mayonnaise flavored Doritos, yes, you read that right. The new flavor is part of the company's "Gourmet series" and is described as having a "full-bodied" taste. De-lish.

Evidently the Doritos taste something like shrimp tempura with spicy mayonnaise -- something found in variations of sushi. Perhaps sushi is the inspiration for the interesting new flavor -- because, seriously, where else would shrimp and mayonnaise find themselves making such a delightful pairing?

In case you were wondering, Frito-Lay (the parent company of Doritos) also have some interesting flavors for some of their other products as well -- such as mayonnaise flavored Cheetos. Also popular in Japan? Salami flavored Doritos. Such strange flavors aren't common in the United States, but overseas -- especially in Asia -- Frito-Lay keeps coming up with more and more ideas...

Would you try shrimp and mayonnaise flavored Doritos?

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