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Doritos picks a winner and reveals its best Super Bowl commercial of 2014

For the eighth year in a row, Doritos, a longtime Super Bowl advertiser, held its annual Super Bowl commercial competition. Five finalists were announced in January and two commercials aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. On Feb. 3, the winner of the $1 million prize was announced on “Good Morning America.” So, which ad took home the huge honor and the opportunity of a lifetime to launch an advertising career?

"Cowboy Kid" was one of two Doritos commercials to air during the 2014 Super Bowl.

The five Doritos finalists in 2014 were “Breakroom Ostrich,” “Cowboy Kid,” “Finger Cleaner,” “Office Thief,” and “Time Machine.” Interestingly enough, “Business Insider” and “Adweek” (among many others) predicted that “Finger Cleaner” was the hands-down winner, but the commercial from an Australian filmmaker didn’t even air on Sunday night. Instead, “Cowboy Kid” and “Time Machine” were picked for national TV exposure to more than 100 million viewers.

Amber and David Gill created the ingeniously clever “Cowboy Kid” Doritos Super Bowl commercial for under $5,000. The couple hails from Ladera Ranch, Calif. and said that they used their own young sons as inspiration. Ryan Thomas, a 28-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Scottsdale, spent just $300 to shoot “Time Machine.” To re-watch “Time Machine,” be sure to check out the video above.

On Feb. 3, Amber Gill and Ryan Thomas both appeared on “GMA” and spoke to host Josh Elliott about their 2014 Super Bowl commercials for Doritos. When he saw his commercial air, Ryan joked, “I think my brain broke.” Gill, whose commercial “Cowboy Kid” didn’t air until the final seconds of the fourth quarter, added, “I didn’t think that we were going to air.” She said that she was shocked to see her ad finally come on after 10 p.m.

After much anticipation, Elliott announced that the winner of the 2014 Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest was “Time Machine.” He presented an over-sized check to its very excited creator. The "GMA" host also announced that the filmmakers of both Super Bowl commercials would have the opportunity to work on the set of the new Marvel movie, “The Avengers.”

During the 2014 Super Bowl, Doritos aired two commercials: one voted on by the public, and another selected by company executives. The commercial voted on by the public was awarded the $1 million prize. So, there you have it. After more than 4,500 submissions from 30 countries around the world, “Time Machine” is named the best Doritos Super Bowl commercial of 2014. Below are the other winners from the last seven years.

  • 2013: “Goat 4 Sale” and “Fashionista Daddy”
  • 2012: “Man’s Best Friend” and “Sling Baby”
  • 2011: “Pug Attack”
  • 2010: “Underdog”
  • 2009: “Free Doritos”
  • 2008: “Message From Your Heart”
  • 2007: “Live the Flavor”

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