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Doris: Julianne Westberry survivor, now with Suzy's Zoo, needs funds to save her

Doris, a survivor of Julianne Westberry, needs donations

This is the story of Doris, only one of the hundred pulled from a dozen rescues across four states by Julianne Westberry.

As most of you know, I've been following Doris since she was on the urgent cats list at Greenville County Pet Rescue back in May. Doris is similar in appearance to our cat Coral, and tugged at my heartstrings.

After Doris was passed over time and again, I asked Jennifer Stacy Remeta with Abby's Animal Angels to check on her for me. Suzy's Zoo had also asked to take Doris.

Unfortunately, by this time Julianne had committed to Doris.

At the time, I thought that a good thing. Julianne had an outstanding reputation in the upstate South Carolina rescue community. Doris deserved a loving home with people who cared about her. She was taken from the shelter near the end of May.

Julianne posted on Doris' thread

"She's coming with 3 others Tuesday under Anderson County Humane Society, & Doris has an adoption meeting/home-visit next weekend."

Doris wasn't adopted. She may not even have had an adoption meeting or home visit. Instead, Doris went to hell.

The reason she's alive today is most likely because she was released to fend for herself on "the farm," a piece of property connected with Julianne.

I was terrified after hearing almost 60 cats were found dead in Westberry's Belton home. The names of most of the dead haven't been released.

Doris was brought in on July 3 with several other farm survivors. She was one of several dozen cats trapped by Anderson County Animal Control in an effort to get the remaining cats to safety. I didn't recognize her.

Doris was housed for a week at Anderson County PAWS, where she was eventually identified. On July 7, Doris was released to Kelly Koonce, and is now under the care of Suzy's Zoo.

Suzanne Melton will be keeping Doris, as this girl has been passed around enough in her brief life. But Doris isn't the cat she was back in May. She has a hardened look about her that only comes from a cat who survives the impossible.

Doris has some major health issues. One of them being she has lost a lot of weight since her "rescue" by Westberry back in May. Like many of the survivors, Doris likely has internal damage resulting from starvation. Several of the cats being cared for by different rescues have liver damage.

Doris will need funds to help her regain her health. This is where you come in. Please share this article, and donate if you can by clicking here.

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