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Doperunner takes the high road at Phil’s Radiator

Doperunner takes the high road at Phil’s Radiator.
Doperunner takes the high road at Phil’s Radiator.Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Doperunner ran wild at Phil’s Radiator, on May 17. They were the direct support and Bleed To Death was the opening act, along with Tree of Woe. Burns Like Hell was the headliner.

Doperunner takes the high road at Phil’s Radiator.
Doperunner takes the high road at Phil’s Radiator.Sareth Ney/

Jeff Malpezzi is the drummer, Bryan Wendzel is the bassist, Keith Sanchez is the guitar and vocalist and Alton Aberrant is the lead vocalist of Doperunner. Wendzel also provides backup vocals.

Aberrant requested the venue to leave the double doors to the beer garden to remain open, for Doperunner’s entire performance. He stated how he wanted everyone to hear the band’s “gospel” and joked how it was the least they could do because he did not receive the green M&M candies he had requested, prior to the show. Wendzel and Sanchez soon joined in on the fun, as they spoke into their microphones. Soon after, they began their concert with “Scandal”.

Prior to “The Beginning Of The End”, Aberrant mentioned it had been Doperunner’s first time in the “Steel City”. He went onto point out the Wild West Fest happening outside of the venue and mentioned all of the cowboy boots and hats some of them had worn. As the rest of his band mates remained on stage—he made his way out to the beer garden and the crowd made room. He sang to members of the crowd, made his way back in, sang inside of the pit, raised his right arm and kept his palm open.

Wendzel ended the performance of “Bioengineering Disease” by facing his back towards the crowd; he placed his bass next to the monitor and caused it to feed off the reverb. Immediately after, Malpezzi kept one of his drum sticks in a vertical position, motioned in a circular motion and it signaled the crowd to form a circle pit. As soon as “Relentless” began, a pit formed and the majority of those forming were female patrons and the males were outnumbered.

Before ending with “Vegan For Status”, Aberran dedicated the song to the women in attendance and for the men to hold their applause. He praised them for being the majority of those in the circle pit. He went onto say the title had stirred a lot of controversy.

“Worthless, “Smut Peddler”, “Dead Alive”, “Business As Usual”, “Seek Refuge”, “Specific Gravity”, “Knuckle Dragger”, “Mechanical Separation”, “For Crom” and “Eat Work Sleep S**t” were also part of Doperunner’s set.