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Doors tribute band explores the other side of The Doors

Doors tribute bands, no matter if they play album versions of Doors songs, try to recreate The Doors live experience, or the whole band dress in character of The Doors or only the lead singer does, they all have one thing in common, male lead singers. In “L.A. Woman-Break on Through to The Other Side of The Doors” Michelle Tyler brings what no other lead singer in a Doors tribute band can, a female perspective on The Doors.

L.A. Woman The Other Side of The Doors adds a female perspective to The Doors
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Tyler also is the lead singer of “Bella Donna-Rumours of Stevie Nicks” and has had shows which includes a set of Doors and Stevie Nicks, an interesting juxtaposition of rock ‘n’ roll. Michelle Tyler recently was kind enough to answer a few questions about L.A. Woman.

Doors Examiner: What drew you to get into a Doors tribute band?

Michelle Tyler: I grew up listening to their great music. It was a sound unlike anything that preceded it. The year was1967, and it was Sgt. Peppers which was Huge and also a seminal record. And it was also The Monkees and the SF bands. And then came “Light My Fire” and it was so different from anything we had heard. I listened non stop and committed all the lyrics to my head...where they still live today!

Doors Examiner: Did you start the band or join an already existing tribute band?

Michelle Tyler: Myself and the other members of my other tribute show, Bella Donna-Rumours of Stevie Nicks were joking around and coming up with 'tribute band names’. I said what about L.A. Woman -The Other side of the Doors---cos you know, I am a woman and I am also a (native) L.A. Woman. We had the name! We Had to put together the band!

Doors Examiner: What are your musical influences and how do they affect your choice of singing in a Doors Tribute band?

Michelle Tyler: My musical influences and inspiration come from any places. Blues, Rock, Classical mostly. I don’t quite get jazz, but I like it. and I think that is what attracted me in the first place to the Doors. The really did open some new territory! I love the way they infused rock with a tip of the hat to jazz and even classical music. Its just great music for a singer.

Doors Examiner: Have any women singers influenced you and how does that affect your style in a tribute band? Does being a woman lead to a different interpretation of The Doors songs? Or provide a different perspective on the material?

Michelle Tyler: I would have to say hands down, my biggest vocal influences came from Grace Slick and Janis Joplin. It was the era when women kind of stopped singing ‘pretty’ and started getting fierce. I do a tribute to Stevie Nicks now, which is great because I love her music and the clothes are pretty fantastic too!

Being a woman is of course a different interpretation--just from a gender standpoint. I have this ability to ‘mimic’ pretty well, and a fairly large range that can get into the male vocal register very comfortably. To do Jim Morrison, I really try to get the feeling of what he was about. Its very emotional for me to do these songs. I would say come and see the

show and let me know if there is a ‘chick’ vibe or not! (smiling face)

Doors Examiner: Is "L.A. Woman" received any different than a male fronted Doors tribute band?

Michelle Tyler: Too soon to tell. We’ve only done a handful of shows. We are so busy with Bella Donna. But we are planning on taking this as far as we can next year! So far so good.

Doors Examiner: Thank you Michelle!

“L.A. Woman The Other Side of The Doors” is having their next show on Sat. September 13, at Paladino’s Club in Tarzana, California. For more information on either “L.A. Woman the Other Side of The Doors” or “Bella Donna” visit their respective Facebook websites.

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