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Doors news for a cold winter's night

It’s the dead of winter, arctic air has blown down over most of the U.S., some Doors history has also passed over us, in the mean time until something comes up here are some bits and pieces of Doors news to keep your appetites whetted.

Leading off is a couple of interviews. The first is with Jac Holzman interviewed by Mike Ragogna for the Huffington Post, and it is a pretty interesting interview Holzman talks quite a bit about the folk history of Elektra, his work on The Doors app, and even plans for a new book he’s writing (and been planning for 40 years!). You can read it at “The Doors app and Beyond: A Conversation with Elektra/Nonesuch Founder Jac Holzman.”

The second is with Robby Krieger for Classic Rock and seems a somewhat standard interview with generic questions they’d run past anybody in a rock band. Read the interview at “Krieger: I’d like The End Played at my Funeral.”

Any Doors Antique Roadshow fans? This coming season promises an episode that occurs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brings in a book, “The History of Magic” that is inscribed by his college roommate, Jim Morrison. No word yet as to the broadcast date and time, check your local listings.

A while back we reported that Doug Gardenhour was making a film in Westminster, Maryland titled “Disbelief” it was about a teenager and his reaction upon learning of the death of Jim Morrison in the summer of 1971. Gardenhour had to stop filming because of winter but he hopes to resume filming in April of 2014 to finish the film. You can watch a trailer for the movie above. There's also a video of Gardenhour talking a bit about his movie on Youtube.

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