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Door kills girl: Heavy door kills girl as horrified witnesses rendered helpless

A three-year-old girl was crushed to death when a metal security grate came loose from its holding and came down on top of her. It was a hot day at this Italian ice cream shop, which was teaming with customers, as folks ran to her aid after witnessing the accident.

3-year-old crushed to death when heavy metal security door comes off its holdings and crushes her.
YouTube screen shot

NewsMax reports on June 30, little Wynter Larkin was out with her mom when the door came detached and in an instant she was crushed. It took 20 to 30 men to get that heavy metal door off the baby said Tracey Stanford, who witnessed this freak accident. She was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, but CPR was not successful on the scene of the accident.

According to MSN News, when the door was finally removed Wynter was just lying there, lifeless. Wynter was at Rita’s Water Ice Shoppe with her mother who was helping out in a fundraiser being held at the store for a sorority and fraternity. Some of the young college kids were at the store and they immediately ran to help, but to no avail.

The North Philadelphia store is a favorite of many in the neighborhood during the hot summer months. Witness Kealy Dangerfield Enlow said that members from the Omega Psi Phi sorority were at the store at the time the metal door came crashing down on the child and they held up the door while others tried to resuscitate Wynter.

Alison Brady lives across the street from Rita’s Water Ice and she said she saw the door fall. She also said that the store just had some work done on the stucco. She felt like she saw the door fall on the girl in “slow-motion” which is a phenomenon that is reported by some when witnessing a tragedy.

“The gate was falling and people were screaming and it hit the ground and the little girl was there,” said Brady. The Department of Licenses and Inspections have sent officials out to investigate the incident.

There is no open violations at the store and there are no complaints about this door registered with the department. The door would have only been inspected if a complaint was lobbied about the door against the business.

The door was a heavy metal security gate and Carlton Williams with the department said that their investigation is now encompassing the other security gates on stores along this city block. At this point, this incident appears to be a “horrible tragedy.”

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