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Dooodolls: A Plush You’ll Want to Have!

Ninja - Capricorn (December 22 – January 19).  Beware Ninja’s secret weapon! Fast as lightning and agile as an acrobat is he that no one has ever dared challenge him for combat!
Ninja - Capricorn (December 22 – January 19). Beware Ninja’s secret weapon! Fast as lightning and agile as an acrobat is he that no one has ever dared challenge him for combat!
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Ever since plush dolls became one of the most popular collectables stateside, many toy companies have rendered their own plush versions out of movie characters, video game characters, cartoon characters, comic book characters, and etcetera. The sky is the limit when you can turn any form of being and turn it into a silly, cuddly looking version of it. But, any good toy collector would tell you that the more unusual looking and the more rare the figure in a multibillion dollar industry, the better.

The Asian culture has been known for producing some of the most rare and unusual looking antiquities that become quite popular in America . Think of rare and unusual like those early 90s troll dolls with that outrageous hair on their heads, Cabbage Patch dolls, the Furby, Epidermits, and to a much lesser degree the Pee & Poo (not a typo) dolls that hit record sales just for their odd appearances. Then there came the plush dolls that mesh cuddly with the unappealing/appealing. It’s a strange concept, but it’s one of those unexplainable phenomenal pleasures in today’s toy enterprise. We’ve seen the likes of Uglydolls and Expressalós to popular franchise in plush figurines like Pokémon.
Plush toys are an ideal play toy for children given that there’s no assembly parts that can be swallowed, they won’t poke their eyes out, and pretty much avoids any other discrepancy that parents fear – and they seem to fear more about that stuff these days more than ever. Plus, they’re cuddly and kids love cuddly stuff. Enough said.

Recently, surprising numbers have shown that it’s adults who have upped the ante in the demographic for who owns such toys - not just children. This is largely due to the fact that adults, especially those in the United States love to collect toys, and this is because toys/dolls from overseas that are distributed here give a unique take on appearances and function. This is also due to American’s love of collecting almost anything from other cultures including toys that give names and stories to each individual figurine; That’s how the cartoon Pokémon became huge because each strange character had a cute name with abilities which sprang a series of trading cards, games, and of course plush dolls.

There’s been hype about this relatively new plush toy called Dooodolls that’s been in parts of Asia, Europe, and has now been an up-and-coming commodity in the United States. They are one the most 'random' looking plush collectables with unique names that go splendidly with their look. They’ve been spotted in numerous publications and they were adored at the 2014 Anime Expo in Los Angeles and other toy expos where people got to see the display of dolls and huddle up while striking a pose with a life-sized Ninja Dooodoll. Adults have had no problem taking a shine to them, even celebs such as Community/CSI's Charley Koontz have nabbed their own little precious for their home décor.

Circling back to how plush dolls are a sweet collectable for adults, Dooodolls is one brand worthy of any collectors toy bin. You have your cute bunch like Reddish Twin and it’s better half, Sunny Twin to more ugly, yet strangely compelling lil’ critters like Third Eye who has three goofy eyes that protrude from the head and Broolie who’s expression looks like it got hit over the head with a shovel or on some sort of medication. These are just a few characters among many others that you can get your hands on. If you head to Dooodoll’s American distributer's home site (, you can see some of the amazing characters to understand more of what has taken Hollywood and America by storm.

Dooodolls offer two key things that are popular among collectables: A multitude of inimitable characters and plenty of merchandise. The sky is the limit with this plush toy brand - from games, character hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweet Iphone cases, Ipad sleeves, shoes, and shopping bags - all that’s really missing is a cartoon series on television. What really more can you ask for in a collectable?! Kids, adults, even celebrities love these dolls and they no doubt have the potential to become timeless memorabilia for the ages!

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