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Doomsday Preppers

The National Geographic Channel has a documentary series called Doomsday Preppers. Each episode is based on worst case scenarios due to cyber attacks on the electrical grid, economic collapse, earth population capacity, natural disasters, etc. Depending on the scenario, the individuals or families prepare for their survival. For example, they research and observe various cultures on how to survive off the land based on the following categories; food, water, shelter, security, and x-factor.

Food - in efforts to remain healthy, one must continue to eat the proper nutrients to survive. For example, building a garden for your fruits and vegetables, raising animals such as rabbits, chickens, goats, fish, for protein, etc.

Water - a human being can live without food longer than living with out water; therefore, one must have some form of water supply such as man made ponds, wells, etc.

Shelter - without proper running water, electricity, how will you function? Each episode provides very creative ideas.

Security - How will you protect your family?

X-Factor - By being creative with each category, an assessment is taken with a survival time estimate and suggestions on how to be better prepared as well as odds of such worst case scenario. Another very important point is to avoid tension in small living quarters; for example, make sure everyone contributes to everyday living, being respectful of each others personal space and time, etc. Entertainment such as books, board games, cards, painting, knitting, etc. are also great ways to stay busy.
Although you may not take such extreme actions, the show definitely makes you think what would you do.

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