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Doomsday allegedly one of FIVE villains in Batman v. Superman

Doomsday v. Superman: Dawn of A Whole Lotta Pain
Doomsday v. Superman: Dawn of A Whole Lotta Pain
DC Comics

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is not coming out for another two years and yet casting and story information has been pouring out of the production. We know that the movie will prominently display Batman and Superman and has multiple other heroes in various sized roles also appearing. The main villain is Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg. The rest of the talented cast includes Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Amy Adams and more.

Now more information is coming to light that Luthor won't be alone in antagonizing the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight.

Collider has reported that Batman v. Superman will have five total villains and a report by Bleeding Cool has apparently revealed who one of the other villains might be.

Bleeding Cool's sources claim to have seen designs for Doomsday, the grey, bone spurred, killing machine, for use in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the comics, Doomsday makes his appearance in the famous story line The Death and Return of Superman when he seemingly kills Superman (among other heroes). He has also been seen prominently ever since.

This story-line was made famous a few years ago when screenwriter/director Max Landis released a short film about The Death and Return of Superman which was received well. Landis also released a "pitch video" of sorts for how he would have gone about doing the story (which according to him almost happened up until it didn't) which I also recommend watching if you are a fan of either Landis, Superman, comic books or any combination of the three.

While it's still has yet to be confirmed, it just seems odd to add Doomsday to an already crowded field, perhaps he is the Big Bad of the Justice League movie and it is only a cameo? Who knows.

We will see when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on May 6th, 2016

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