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Doom II mod Call of Dooty II: Green Ops Released

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Mod developer Chubzdoomer has released Doom II mod "Call of Dooty II: Green Ops", a parody of modern shooters like Call of Duty. The mod is available for download from Shacknews, in multiple "editions".

In keeping with the games it pillories, this mod includes cutscenes, flashbacks, popup hints, and more.

From the description in the game's readme file:

Let's face it: Shooters today suck. Their levels are too linear, they aren't challenging enough, and they play more like interactive movies than the experiences we once loved up until the mid-2000s. Call of Dooty is an ode to the terrible shooters that now inhabit the market and have taken over the gaming industry by storm. This WAD isn't supposed to be fun to play - it's here to make a statement."