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DOOM Gameplay Revealed at QuakeCon 2014 and it Rocked

Yesterday at QuakeCon 2014, Bethesda and id Software pulled back the curtain on the highly anticipated next installment in the Doom franchise, simply titled Doom. In front of a packed auditorium, company representatives showcased a 20-minute-long gameplay demo that highlighted a spectacular action packed game that promises to push the edge of technology and gameplay, right from the start.

As Executive Producer Marty Stratton took the stage, he noted that the game will return to the franchise's roots and back to what made the original great: fast-paced combat, and sense of power of the originals. To accomplish this, the game will feature amazing action, over-the-top enemies, massive and inventive weapons – "which you can carry all at the same time.” Some of the weapons include fan-favorite double-barrel shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the good old chainsaw for extra gory, close range executions.

The game’s story will take place on Mars, right at the outset of a demonic invasion. Combat will be intensive as will be the extend of demonic enemies you will encounter in this fast, chaotic experience, stomping, crashing and destroying, as in the glory days of the franchise. Hellknights, cyberdemons, revenants, mancubii, and other classic monsters will teleport in for old-school style ambushes for you to demolish.

Dying yourself will be a memorable endeavor as well. Prepare yourself to have your arms ripped off while others will punch straight through your combat helmet. The new DOOM is all about old school mechanics. There will be no weapon reloading, you will hold as many weapons as you want, health and ammo pick-ups, etc. And, there won’t be any health regenerations.

Doom will be powered by IdTech 6, a much-needed update to the years-old technology used to run previous games from id, which in turn struggled with texture pop-in and other technical problems. The game will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will double the speed of Doom 3, running at 60 frames per second. It will also feature melee combat in full 1080p high-definition.

Over 10 million copies of Doom have been sold since id Software released in 1993. The game was the first in which developers separated the product into its design and an engine. The Doom engine, created by id co-founder and then-lead developer John Carmack, was the underlying platform on which the game was built. In 2007 John Carmack first teased Doom 4, but Bethesda found it lacking in quality and ultimately decided the overhaul the whole project.

I grew up on the original Doom but I opted out from Doom 3; it just wasn’t the game for me. I for one am excited about the new Doom and all that it is promising to be.

Doom teaser on Youtube

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