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'DOOL' spoilers: Will Kristen help John out of his coma?

Drake Hogestyn plays John Black on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Kristen DiMera has returned to Salem and viewers are wondering what her plans are. According to an Aug. 25 post on Facebook by, Kristen is going to do something that will cause ripples throughout Salem. Could she try to get John to come out of his coma in order to win points with Brady?

Things are getting interesting in Salem, especially with Kristen back in the picture. Right now Brady has no interest in getting back together with her. As fans know, nothing has ever stopped a DiMera from getting what they want and Kristen is no exception. So what can viewers expect from her?

On Sept. 2, Brady is going to surprise Theresa with a kiss. Interestingly, the very next day Kristen decides to make a "power move" that will send ripples throughout the town. "DOOL" spoilers also reveal that Marlena will have a tough decision to make. So what does this all mean?

Spoilers for the last week of August reveal that Kristen will be in John's hospital room. A sneak peek photo shows her looking at a folder, speculated to be his medical chart. Could Kristen's power move the first week of September involve trying to wake John Black up from his coma?

The DiMera's are a powerful family with a lot of resources. Brady has had difficulty convincing specialists to come to Salem to look at his father. If Kristen were able to get a top specialist to look at John and perhaps wake him up from his coma, Brady would be forever grateful. If this speculation turns out to be true, then that would explain Marlena's tough choice. Should she accept Kristen's help or will her anger cause her to refuse it?

"Days of Our Lives" fans will get a better idea of what to expect once the last of the August episodes air. Until then, what do you think the early September "DOOL" spoilers mean? Do you think Kristen will help John come out of his coma and if so, will Brady be grateful enough to take her back?

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