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'DOOL' spoilers: Will John wake up and remember the attack?

Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall play John and Marlena in "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

John Black has been in a coma ever since Theresa Donovan hit him in the head with a fire poker. "Days of Our Lives" fans are wondering when Theresa will finally get caught and be forced to take responsibility. On Aug. 11, Celeb Dirty Laundry posted some "DOOL" spoilers regarding John's condition.

Things haven't been looking good for John. Marlena and Brady were told that John's chances of recovering were slim, if at all. Then they were advised to put him in a long-term care unit, but they decided to keep him in his hospital room. They are not giving up hope yet.

Even though Theresa is the only one that knows the truth, there are others that suspect that she had something to do with it. Anne is one and Eve is another. Even though Eve doesn't have proof or details, she knows her sister was somehow involved and is holding it over her head. Fans were worried for a while that Brady would go to prison for Theresa's crime, but thankfully there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. However, people close to John still blame him and Brady is full of guilt over what he thinks he did.

On yesterday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Marlena sprayed perfume on her wrists while in John's hospital room. She was thinking about the good times with John. Then she took his hand and asked him to squeeze it or to do something to let her know that he was aware. She didn't get any kind of response and left the hospital room, filled with grief. However, after she left, his eyelids fluttered just a tiny bit and one tear slid down his cheek.

It looks like John could finally wake up from his coma. Fans hope that he will be able to tell authorities who really hit him in the head. However, when one sustains a head injury, memory loss is a possibility. Some patients even get partial or complete amnesia. Hopefully this won't happen with John. Viewers want to see Theresa pay for all the damage she has done, not just to John, but to Daniel, Jennifer, JJ and everyone else who was unfortunate enough to cross her path.

What do you think will happen with John and Theresa on "Days of Our Lives?" Will he wake up from his coma? If so, will he be able to tell police that it was Theresa who attacked him, not Brady? Will Theresa finally have to take responsibility for her actions?

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