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'DOOL' spoilers: Will Eric agree to Kristen's deal?

Greg Vaughan plays Eric on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Benjamin Cohen/NBC

Now that Kristen DiMera is back in Salem, she is stirring up a lot of trouble. Last week "Days of Our Lives" fans saw her in John Black's hospital room, coming up with a plan. Viewers have been wondering what Kristen is planning to do. On Friday, the Facebook page titled Days of Our Lives Forum Spoiler Page posted some details on what on the soap opera this week. NBC also posted a sneak peek of a scene with Eric and Kristen.

The sneak peek shows Kristen talking to Marlena about John's condition. She says that she might be able to help John but only if Eric agrees not to testify against her. Then Eric is knocking on Kristen's door. When she answers, he says that his mother told him what she wanted. She responds, "Well, will I get it?" Eric looks defeated and even though he doesn't want to give Kristen what she wants, he also doesn't want John to die because of his refusal. There is a strong possibility that Eric could agree to Kristen's terms. Fans will find out what his answer is on Friday.

Other "DOOL" spoilers for this week include Brady kissing Theresa. However, her happiness won't last. On Thursday, Kristen and Theresa will get into a fight over Brady. "Days of Our Lives" spoiler reveal that the two women will get physical.

Nicole will try to manipulate Eric, but her plan backfires. Nicole and Sami will have another confrontation. Also, Sami is going to accuse EJ of working with Stefano. Kate and Sami will try to stop Stefano from returning to Salem. Clyde will meet with his competition and Abigail will try to work things out with Ben.

What do you think of these "DOOL" spoilers? What are your thoughts on Kristen's request? Will Eric agree to her terms and if so, can she really save John? Find out this week when "Days of Our Lives" airs. Remember that there is no episode on Labor Day.

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