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'DOOL' spoilers: Sami asks EJ for help, ends up hurting Will?

Alison Sweeney and James Scott star in "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Benjamin Cohen/NBC

On Friday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Sami read the article Will wrote about her. At first she was proud that her son had finally been published, but that happiness soon turned to disbelief, shock and anger. On Aug. 15, Celeb Dirty Laundry posted some "DOOL" spoilers regarding Sami, EJ and Will's article.

For Will to write an article exposing his mother was shocking. While Sami would do something like that, it is out of Will's character. It seems that he had finally had enough of his mother's revenge tactics and scheming. Even though he understood that she was hurt by EJ's affair with Abigail, he felt that she had gone too far.

Even though Will didn't identify Abigail as EJ's mistress in the article, it will soon come out. On Friday, the editor was on the phone and said that Abigail's name was to replace "the mistress" in the article. Will doesn't know this yet, so how will he handle it? How will Abigail handle it when her name is in print, for all of Salem to see?

"DOOL" spoilers state that EJ will defend Abigail and will give Sami a piece of his mind. Even though EJ will try to do the right thing, this will only make Sami even more furious. It will also make her hate Abigail even more.

However, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers in the Sept. 1 edition of Soaps in Depth reveal something interesting. Once the article is in print, Sami pleads with EJ to help her. The spoiler report teases,

"And maybe, just maybe, something good will arise out of this latest mess when Sami ends up turning to EJ not in anger, but out of desperate need for his help."

What will Sami need EJ's help with? Will it be damage control or perhaps she will try to sue the magazine? Even though everything Will wrote was true, she could try to sue them for slander. Maybe this has something to do with DiMera Enterprises or EJ's warning to Kate about Stefano. Or maybe she needs his help for another reason. But why would EJ help Sami after everything she has done? The answer is because he still loves her. If he thinks there is any chance that this will bring them back together, then he will do as she asks, within reason.

NBC posted sneak peek photos on their website. One has the caption "Sonny blasts Sami for screwing over Will." Another one says that when the article is published, "all hell breaks loose." The photos also reveal that Abigail will receive a huge shock. When Sami told Will that he would regret writing the article, she might have been right.

What do you think Sami needs EJ's help with? Does it have to do with her screwing over her son? Will Sami needing EJ bring them back together again? How do you think Abigail will handle it when her name is published as EJ DiMera's mistress?

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