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'DOOL' spoilers: Kristen meets with Brady

Eileen Davidson plays Kristen DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Benjamin Cohen/NBC

Kristen DiMera's return to Salem on "Days of Our Lives" is a hot storyline on the soap opera right now. Last week, she was arrested when Daniel brought her to the police station. Now that Brady know she is back, fans are wondering what will happen. On Sunday, TV Fanatic posted what fans think will happen between the former couple.

When asked if Brady would be able to stay away from Kristen, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando, along with WendyLou and Tony from MyHourglass: Days of Our Lives Fan Forum all agreed that Brady wouldn't be able to. One reason given was because Kristen is an addiction. Another was because Brady needs closure.

NBC posted a sneak peek clip of "Days of Our Lives" for the week of Aug. 18. The video features Brady and Kristen. It looks like she is out of jail, but judging by her appearance, it must be after the grand jury lets her get away with her crimes. The grand jury is going to be a scene on "Days of Our Lives" throughout the week. She is dressed in a conservative gray and black dress.

In the clip, Brady is in the park without his shirt on and Kristen approaches him. She gives him an innocent smile and says in a sweet voice, "We're together again, right?" Brady looks over at her and doesn't look pleased. Then he tells her that he knows she kidnapped Daniel. He wants to know if she has that same plan in mind for him. She doesn't respond in the clip, just continues to smile, tucks her hair behind her ear and walks slowly towards him.

It seems as if Kristen thinks that she still has a chance with Brady. Of course, she is a DiMera and they have been known to do crazy things to get what they want. Kristen wants Brady, so will she kidnap him? Or will she try to justify her actions? Perhaps she will just try to convince him that they are meant to be together, that everything she did was for him.

What do you think about Brady and Kristen's storyline on "Days of Our Lives?" What do you think will happen between the two?

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