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'DOOL' spoilers: How will Theresa get Brady back?

There are very few "Days of Our Lives" viewers that are in Theresa Donovan's corner. She is manipulative and stoops low to get what she wants. When she doesn't want anything, then she makes others miserable just for sport. Her latest long-term victim is Brady Black. Even though he fell for her for a while, once he was told he married Theresa and thought that he put his own father in a coma, he cleaned up and came to his senses. But Theresa isn't done with him yet, so how does she plan to get him back? On Aug. 10, Breathecast revealed some "DOOL" spoilers regarding Brady and Theresa.

Jen Lilley plays Theresa on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Justin Lubin/NBC

Theresa has plenty of enemies and a nasty reputation in Salem, which is why Brady didn't like her. But when they ended up attending meetings together, they started getting closer. How close they became had nothing to do with chemistry or love, it had to do with Theresa practically spoon feeding Brady alcohol and drugs.

She was patiently waiting for the "big payday" with him and viewers were anxious to find out when he would come to his senses and sent her on her way. It didn't come soon enough, though. While in Las Vegas, Brady and Theresa got married and when they returned, she put John Black in a coma. She let Brady and the authorities believe that he did it, she even wiped the prints off the poker and moved the bodies.

It became clear that she fell in love with Brady, even though that wasn't her intention. She also didn't want him going to prison for what happened to John. But instead of coming clean, she let him take all of the blame. She did keep saying it was self-defense, but that doesn't justify what she did.

Brady told her that he wanted their marriage annulled. He couldn't even remember marrying her and it wasn't something that he wanted to do. She agreed, but it was clear that she wasn't ready to let him go. Now that Eve has her eyes on Brady, "DOOL" spoilers report that she is going to tell her sister to back off her man. If Theresa isn't ready to let go, then she is going to do whatever she can to keep him close. So what will she do next?

There are reports that Brady is going to get some shocking news. Some fans believe that Theresa will tell him that she is pregnant. If she does tell him this, is she really with child or is this just another attempt to get him back in her life? Hopefully the writers have a better storyline than this. A faked pregnancy has already been used on the soap opera by both Nicole and Kristen. It is clear how both of those stories turned out.

Sneak peek photos for the week of Aug. 11 reveal that Brady and the rest of Salem will finally see Kristen DiMera. A preview shows her being hauled into the police department by Daniel and there are plenty of people waiting for her arrival. This might be the shocking news that Brady receives. The writers might not have anything written into the script about Theresa being pregnant or faking one.

So if not a pregnancy, then how will Theresa get her hooks into Brady again? She is working on a plan and viewers can see it in her eyes. She doesn't know what she is going to do yet, but she will come up with something. Because Theresa suddenly found herself falling for him, she might not do anything too drastic. Perhaps it will be as simple as the two running into each other all the time. Or maybe she will just be there to listen to him when he vents about Kristen DiMera's return.

Most of the time Theresa will get down and dirty to get what she wants. However, with her actually caring about someone for the first time, maybe fans will see a different side of her. What do you think will happen with Brady and Theresa?

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