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'DOOL' spoilers: Guy Wilson talks about Will's article, Abigail being exposed

Guy Wilson plays Will on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

On "Days of Our Lives," one major storyline is Will writing an article about his mother. "DOOL" spoilers for the week of Aug. 18 reveal that when the article is published, there will be a lot of hurt and angry people. On Aug. 18, Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote what actor Guy Wilson had to say about his character and Will's article.

Sami doesn't react well to being hurt, which is why she has tried to get revenge on EJ and Abigail. Now that she has read Will's article, she is hurt and feels betrayed by her own son. There are some fans who believe that Will did the wrong thing in exposing his mother as well as everyone else mentioned in the article.

As far as Will knows, Abigail's name is not mentioned. He simply referred to her as EJ's mistress. But on Friday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Will's editor was on the phone with someone. She wanted every reference of mistress changed to Abigail's name.

Guy Wilson spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the article and he said that Abigail was identified behind his back. He was trying to protect her, but instead she is exposed along with Sami. So how did his editor find out Abigail was the one who had an affair with EJ? Fans speculate that it was Sami, which makes perfect sense. "DOOL" spoilers state that she tried to pay the magazine to not publish it, but they refused. Sami wasn't going to go down alone, so her next move was to name Abby, if the spoilers are correct.

The actor also said that Will will have to work really hard to convince Abigail that he had nothing to do with her name being published. The situation destroys their relationship and who knows how Abby will be treated once everyone in Salem finds out she had an affair with EJ DiMera.

What do you think about Abigail being exposed in Will's article? Do you think he was right or wrong to expose his mother and everyone else? There will be a lot more drama this week on "Days of Our Lives," so keep watching to find out what will happen next.

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