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'DOOL' spoilers: Daniel suspects Theresa was involved in John's attack

Shawn Christian plays Daniel on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Paul Drinkwater/NBC

"Days of Our Lives" has really been intensifying. With Theresa putting John in a coma, Kristen returning to town and Will exposing Sami to the world, viewers heads are spinning. One character that fans would like to see go down is Theresa Donovan. According to an Aug. 16 post by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Daniel suspects that Theresa is somehow involved with John being put into a coma.

There is a lot that is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" this week with all of the characters. But the one "DOOL" spoiler that hasn't been talked a whole lot about lately is Theresa. Now that Daniel is back in Salem and brought Kristen to the police station, what can fans expect?

Well, Daniel is going to become suspicious of Theresa and her involvement in John Black's coma. Daniel is a smart man and he also knows Theresa. He doesn't trust her for a second and if anyone can get to the bottom of it, he can. Theresa also hasn't been playing it cool very well. She is freaking out over getting caught and it is has become clear to a few that she was involved with John's attack.

Anne was the first to notice it when she was behaving oddly when John was first admitted to the hospital. If fans remember back a few weeks ago, Anne was having a conversation with Theresa, when she kept going on and on about John's coma. Another person that suspects Theresa is Eve. She overheard Theresa and Anne, although the words were never spoken, Eve pretty much guessed what secret Theresa was hiding.

For someone that doesn't want to get caught, Theresa is not playing it cool at all. She is frantic and is freaking out. She keeps checking on John's condition and keeps asking probing questions. For someone that didn't like John at all, people are naturally going to be suspicious. They are going to ask why Theresa keeps asking about John's condition and what the chances are that he will wake up.

Because Daniel has personal experience with Theresa, he is going to suspect immediately that she is up to something. With how panicked her behavior is, especially when the subject of John comes up, he is going to guess that she is involved somehow. Will he get it out of her?

Fans will have to keep watching "Days of Our Lives" to find out. Do you think Daniel will be the person to bring Theresa to justice? Or will John wake up on his own and reveal the truth?

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