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'DOOL' spoiler: When will Hope and Aiden admit their feelings?

Kristian Alfonso plays Hope on "Days of Our Lives"
Kristian Alfonso plays Hope on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

For years Bo and Hope were a favorite couple on "Days of Our Lives." It seemed that they would be one of the few who would stay together forever. However, Bo ended up going away on a secret assignment, leaving Hope all alone. Even though she is still married, viewers can't ignore the sparks between Hope and Aiden. On Tuesday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Aiden and Hope had an awkward conversation. Will these two ever admit that they have feelings for each other?

Recently Aiden asked Jennifer to attend a play with him. It was speculated that he was trying to make Hope jealous, which is exactly what he was doing. After Jennifer told her cousin that their date was a platonic one with no romance involved, Hope went to speak with Aiden.

He finally admitted that he let Hope believe that he and Jennifer were going on a date. But instead of telling her the real reason why, he claimed he wasn't looking to get into a relationship. The two kept denying their feelings for one another. However, their body language suggested otherwise. Towards the end of the conversation, Hope fiddled with her necklace and avoided looking into his eyes. Aiden made up an excuse about having to leave.

After Aiden left, Hope was filled with anxiety and regret it seemed. She appeared to get emotional while Aiden stood outside looking frustrated. It is obvious the two have feelings for each other, so will they ever admit the truth?

This isn't the first time the two have tried to deny their feelings for one another. The writers of "Days of Our Lives" wouldn't keep touching on this subject if there wasn't a future for the characters. The real question isn't if they will get together... it is when. reported that actor Daniel Cosgrove revealed a bit about his character and his storyline with Hope. He wouldn't give away too much, but did say that Hope moving on is a "delicate situation." He said,

"She's half of Bo and Hope. If it's written delicately, Hope and Aiden can work. I have faith that the writers will do that. I like the whole dynamic [between them]. It's building slowly. There's a lot of material there to explore and there are going to be some really good scenes coming up."

Daytime Royalty Online posted "DOOL" spoilers for this week. The post stated that on Wednesday Hope and Aiden will continue to bury their feelings. However, the next day Aiden will confess to something after the two share an intimate moment. If the spoilers are correct, then viewers might see some progress to Hope and Aiden's storyline this week.

What do you think about Hope and Aiden? Should Hope move on from Bo and if so, is Aiden the right man? Keep watching "Days of Our Lives" to find out.

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