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'DOOL': Someone from EJ's past is upset with Abigail situation

James Scott plays EJ DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Things are getting intense on "Days of Our Lives." Now that everyone in Salem knows about EJ and Abigail's affair, they are both getting heat as well as support from unexpected characters. On Saturday, Celeb Dirty Laundry posted "DOOL" spoilers for the upcoming week, which include information regarding EJ DiMera. Also, She Knows posted "Days of Our Lives" spoilers that reveal someone from EJ's past is going to show up and they are not happy with the Abigail situation.

The soap opera will not air on Monday, so fans will only get four days of drama during the first week of September. Last week it seemed that EJ and Sami were getting close to reconciling. The two had lunch together and were having a good time. Then Sami received a text message, which revealed that Stefano DiMera was coming back to Salem. This brought EJami's lunch to an abrupt end, frustrating EJ.

Even though most of Salem is not happy with EJ, he did receive encouraging words from an unexpected source: Julie. Apparently she came back from her trip with a sense of peace. Fans will have to wait and see if this new Julie lasts or if it is just temporary.

EJ is going to be confronted by someone else, who won't be as forgiving and understanding as Julie. She Knows posted "Days of Our Lives" spoilers for fall 2014 that reveal EJ will be confronted by someone from his past. This person has been keeping an eye on EJ and is not happy with the Abigail situation.

"DOOL" spoilers for the other characters include Sami accusing EJ of secretly working with Stefano, Kristen tells Marlena that she might be able to save John. But she will only do it if Eric agrees not to testify against her. Also, Ben and Abigail will have issues stemming from last week, but Hope and Aiden will get closer. Fans can also look forward to Clyde continuing to pursue Kate and by the end of the week, he will head into a shady business deal.

What do you think is going to happen this week on "Days of Our Lives?" Who is the person from EJ's past who isn't happy about his affair with Abigail? Are you rooting for Ben and Abigail or are you more interested in Hope and Aiden's storyline?

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