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Doodling strips perk up scrapbook pages

Doodling strips are a fun and creative element to add to scrapbook pages
Doodling strips are a fun and creative element to add to scrapbook pages
Beth McMurray

A doodling strip is an organized way to add whimsy to your scrapbook design layouts. It is a space set up on your page to be creative and go with the flow. In a way, doodling is like journaling with images. Express how you feel about a featured photo with doodles.

Doodles can be done on any paper color with any colored pen, but one bold option is the classic doodle look. This look uses black pen on white paper.

Try using a black 8” x 8” scrapbook page and cut white cardstock into a doodle strip that is 2.5” x 7.5”. This will give you plenty of space to doodle without overwhelming the page. You can leave your doodle strip with straight edges for a sleek and neat look, or you might use decorative scissors to trim one or more of the edges for a decorative and playful look.

Choose a featured image for the page (black-and-white photos look great with black-and-white doodling strips). Once you have that featured photo in mind, doodle whatever feels right. Words, images and basic shapes all work well.

Consider matting the featured photo on a solid color. Whatever solid color you choose, use a pen of the same color to fill in a few of your black and white doodles. This is a nice way to tie all the elements on the page together.

Not only will a doodling strip help make a photo pop, but it is a great way to express your raw creativity. This adds a very personal and unique touch to any scrapbook page.

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