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Dont let dry lips ruin your lip stick look

Dry lips can ruin any ones day, with constant licking, nibbling on dry irritating skin, and who could forget painful cracking. Many things can contribute to your dry lips whether its medications such as Accutane, Doxicycline, or Tetracycline, etc, sun exposure, weather dryness, or just plain genetics. No matter what your dry lips are from they are just plain irritating and make it almost impossible to wear lipstick which seems to just amplify the appearance of the dry shedding skin.

Many people who are on medications such as Accutane and others like it believe they have no option for dry lip relief, however through experience, trial and error, and research we have found that there is hope (at least for most patients).

First off if you have actual dry flaking skin hanging off your lips (if you’re on Accutane you know what we’re talking about, and let’s face it half of Hollywood is has been on Accutane at some time to get a crisp clear complexion). Exfoliate the surface flake by mixing granulated sugar with a bit of olive oil and gently massage it around your lips, rinse the area and immediately apply one of these two miracle products; Bag Balm, or Dr. Dan's Lip Balm. Bag Balm will run you about $7 for a large tin you can buy at any pet store or even some Wal-Mart’s, if the thought of using a medicated utter ointment on your lips isn’t your cup of tea, consider Dr.Dan's medicated Lip Balm which can be found online at and other select online pharmacies for around $8 plus a tube the size of regular chap stick, Dr.Dan's has 1% hydrocortisone in it which helps relieve the painful dryness.

Both Bag Balm and Dr.Dan's are great for dry lips, Dr.Dan's may be a bit too potent for the average slightly irritated dry lips, however if it's your preference over the Bag Balm go for it, your lips will thank you and you'll be able to wear your lip stick proudly without small pieces of skin peeling from your lips. So show your lips some love and get rid of the dryness.


  • Loy 5 years ago

    My lips are always dry, cracking, and flaky. Thanks for the great tips!! Another great tip that you gave to me for my lips is the MAC Lip conditioner. Although it is a bit pricier then the works wonders on my lips! I've tried some that are similar to the lip conditioner but nothing works like MAC! You are always full of great advice when it comes to beauty!
    Thanks a bunch!!

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