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Dont forget about Belle Isle

Inside the Belle Isle conservatory
Inside the Belle Isle conservatory

I am often asked “What is there to do in Detroit”? My immediate response always includes the sports arenas, Campus Martius Park and the River Walk. I rarely mention Belle Isle; well, until now.

I recently visited the Belle Isle conservatory and to my surprise, it’s only gotten better with time! My last visit was as an elementary school kid; and for me at that time, it was boring at best. But what did I know? I was a young girl with boys on my mind; surely no flower could compete with that!

Fast forward 20 years later, and I’m blown away with the beauty and value that the conservatory adds to the city of Detroit! The dome is 85 feel tall, and houses the tallest palm tree in the city along with several species of tropical plants, cacti, ferns and orchids. All of these beautiful plants are housed inside the conservatory dome. The outer grounds add even more splendor to the facility, with beautiful lilies and immaculate landscaping!

But wait, there more! Belle Isle doesn’t just house a pretty good stock of flowers; it’s also an awesome place for fishing.

Weekend and weekday trips to Belle Isle are the norm in my household now. With all that the park has to offer, I don’t need to go far for a relaxing evening by the water, or for a great outside celebration with family and friends. Belle Isle is one of Detroit’s finest jewels. If you haven’t been in a while, do yourself a favor a pay the park a visit. You just might like what you see!

If you’re interested in finding out about all that Belle Isle has to offer, visit the friends of Belle Isle at


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