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Dont be yellow about yellow

As stores are finally starting to switch to the much anticipated merchandise of the spring and summer seasons it is a good time for clearance handbag sales.

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Find that bag you have been obsessing over all winter and buy it! It will make you feel better. Plus living in this part of the country it is guaranteed you can still use if for at least another three months.

If you stick with the classic looks that will maintain its reputation as an accessory staple you will not have to worry about it being in style next fall and winter.
The mustard yellow color is slowly but surely becoming a HUGE color for handbags right now. Not only is it a good color and mood transition from winter to spring it is an exceptionally appropriate color for your fall season accessory collection.
The Rosetti line of handbags that can be found at Kohl’s, Shopko and JC Penny’s is a good place to start. This brand has a handful of sturdy and practical mustard yellow handbags that can serve an everyday purpose and will draw just the right amount of attention for being a “yellow handbag.”


  • Rebekah - Milwaukee Fashion Examiner 4 years ago

    I'm not sure if you have these in Green Bay, but TJ Maxx or Marshall's are also great places to check for colorful handbags. I found two awesome mustard colored ones in the past week for under $40 that I almost bought. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify it considering I already have four yellow purses...I may go back for one of them anyway!