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Donovan McNabb: Jail time for former NFL quarterback surprises fans

News of Donovan McNabb's arrest and jail time causes buzz.
News of Donovan McNabb's arrest and jail time causes buzz.
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb did his jail time in Arizona, but fans had no idea he had even been arrested. The former NFL quarterback is known for making great plays on the football field, but he made one very bad move off the field back in December. That move was not known until after he served his time either. On April 17, Fox News reported on the arrest and the jail time served by the former NFL star.

What did McNabb to earn his jail time? He was stopped for speeding back in December on an Arizona roadway. He was clocked going 81 mph in a zone where 65 was the speed limit. After he was stopped, he was arrested for DUI. The football player plead guilty on the charge during a March 27 court date. He was then sentenced to a 10 day sentence, but nine of those days were suspended. He served his remaining one day sentence on Wednesday, and he was released on Thursday morning.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's office shared news of his arrest this week. It was his mug shot that was released, and it caused a lot of media buzz. Before then, there was no news of his arrest. Fans learned about the DUI charge and jail sentence after the fact.

Donovan McNabb currently lives in the Phoenix area, and he hosts a radio talk show. He played in the NFL for 13 years. During his time as an NFL quarterback, he played for the Philadephia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. He is now enjoying his post-NFL life. During his time with the NFL, he took the Eagles to the playoffs four times.

Drinking and driving is not the smartest thing, but the information released does not reveal his blood alcohol level. In fact, not much is known about his arrest but the details about his stop. What do you think about this arrest? Were you surprised to learn about McNabb's jail time in Arizona?