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Donny and Paola compete to win Power of Veto on ‘Big Brother’ season 16

Donny and Paola, both nominated for eviction, must compete to win the Power of Veto on the next 'Big Brother.'
Donny and Paola, both nominated for eviction, must compete to win the Power of Veto on the next 'Big Brother.'

On the July 2, 2014 episode of “Big Brother” season 16, house guests Donny and Paola must compete to win the Power of Veto in an attempt to take themselves off the eviction block to avoid being sent home, according to CBS. They were nominated for eviction by the current reigning Head of Household Caleb. Frankie, who initially won HOH and nominated Victoria and Brittany for eviction, lost his title after his nominees were victorious over Donny and Paola in the Battle of the Block challenge.

If Donny or Paola is successful, or if a player taking part in the POV wins it and decides to save one of them from the eviction block, Caleb will be forced to nominate another player for eviction. The first eviction of season 16 will take place on Thursday when “Big Brother” airs live.

According to a sneak peek of tonight’s “Big Brother” episode on, cast mate Nicole is “100% sure” a ghost lives in the house. In the clip shown primarily in night vision, Nicole screams that something is right in front of her face, prompting Christine to say, “You’re scaring me.”

In a hilarious diary room session, Christine says, “I’m scared to death that I’m going to get voted out week one, but then I’m like... I can’t be voted out if I’m dead! Dead by ghosts!” The two women are then seen trying to find the light in the bedroom, but fail to do so. Then a noise scares them and they scamper back to bed in fear. Finally, they make their way out of the bedroom and reunite with the other house guests.

Nicole and Christine have become close in the house, but Christine notes in her diary room session that if she doesn’t get any sleep for 90 days because of the ghost thing, she may have to end her alliance with Nicole. Not sure if the two have forgotten that there are “Big Brother” production staff and crew members behind the walls who probably make noise every once in a while, which probably accounts for anything they may be hearing. But then again...

“Big Brother” season 16 airs on Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, with live eviction shows airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. In addition, “Big Brother: After Dark” is airing Monday and Tuesday nights at 11/10c, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12/11c, and Thursdays at 1/12c on TVGN.

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