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Donnie Wood Country Singer, Bad Good Ole Boy

Donnie Wood , Musician
Donnie Wood , Musician
jodi emmer

Once upon a time there was this mediocre writer who was sent a letter from corporate headquarters and told not to write in first person anymore. If she wished to keep her minimal financial and professional status as a mediocre writer then she better learn not to write in first person for the rest of her career at this establishment.

Bad Good Ole Boy
jodi emmer

Adaptability is the name of this game as always so she found a way to adapt without throwing comedy out the window. God knows the jokes keep on coming in this day and age when we meet fired New York Times Writers now currently working in wine shops and gas stations and collecting garbage or selling shoes at some sports center, some of them even wind up as prostitutes which is where everyone is heading to the opinions of some or possibly it is all on purpose.

The mediocre writer stumbles into so many situations as a bumbling idiot; she occasionally forgets her original purpose. The mediocre writer stumbles into the Urbana Fairgrounds for some current musician information on who may be playing the Urbana Fairgrounds this very evening and she then stumbles upon the lead musician, Donnie Wood.

He has two albums released and is spending time in Nashville every six to eight weeks either to record or play live. He is an absolute gentleman to talk to and wise about the profession he has spent seven grueling years in and is now just beginning to pay off.

As he is asked some professional idealism about what it takes to make it in the music business he responds with one word. “Persistence” that is the main thing that keeps him going even when the entire world looks bleak and dark, Persistence is what kept the mediocre writer through ten weeks in jail and it apparently is not a secret that some of the wisest men and women who walk among us preach. Positivism and Persistence, Donnie Wood mentioned the endless energy and positive karma that exists in Nashville and he knows what hardship is, he has been playing for seven years and when the mediocre writer met him, he had his own temperature controlled bedroom in a beautiful tour bus that he and his band traveled in frequently.

His goal is to go on a European, around the world tour. He loves to bring entertainment to everyone and he has the hits to provide the continual entertainment and energy and drive into our world. You cannot help but love this guy, he was a polite, grateful, southern gentleman with style, grace and dignity and this mediocre writer hopes he gets everything he wants from his musical career.

He will be performing tonight live at The Urbana Fairgrounds, also known as the Volunteer Fire Department in Urbana. He will be performing at 7:45 p.m. and it is standing room only as the seats have been sold out but please bring your own camp chair and come out anyhow. A picnic blanket will do it also. They are really on their way, that tour bus was quite impressive.