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Donnie Wahlberg is planning his wedding to Jenny McCarthy? Groom decides details

Donnie Wahlberg is planning the wedding to Jenny McCarthy
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Donnie Wahlberg is a wedding planner? Apparently he can be if it is for the love of his life. The Jenny McCarthy wedding is being planned by the actor and artist and McCarthy doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, it sounds like she is glad he is taking over all the details of the big event and making things happen. According to People Magazine on Thursday, it is a non-traditional to think that the groom would want to deal with all the details of the wedding, but Donnie Wahlberg is up to the challenge.

The Jenny McCarthy is letting Donnie take care of all the details, including the location and the theme. Wanting to have a more traditional look, there will be no comparison for the union of Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy compared to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The engagement was pretty normal and it appears the wedding will be pretty normal too (well, in comparison to other celebrities.)

One thing that will be front and center is the family aspect of the couple. Looking to blend families and bring the best of both world together, there will be a new life that incorporates the kids and pets under one roof as it is super important to the couple. Making a commitment to the most important things in their lives, it appears the couple is banking on living happily ever after.

While Donnie Wahlberg fans might be a little sad to see the entertainer will be taken off the market permanently, it is great to see the star has found true love. Looking happy and making the most of his life there is no doubt he has found his bliss. Same can be said for Jenny McCarthy too as the star just glows any time she is seen in public with her man.

When will this wedding take place? So far no hints have been given by the couple on what the fans should expect, but that is not to say that Donnie Wahlberg hasn’t planned it out yet. He just hasn't told his fans.

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