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Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy to wed today: Mark and mom skipping the big day

Jenny and Donny
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg's big day is here, but for some reason his brother Mark won't be showing up for it. On Saturday, TMZ shared the news that he won't be at his brother's wedding. When you watch these two on "Wahlburgers" it is obvious they get along so this is a bit confusing.

It sounds like the reason they won't be showing up is because Mark and his wife are not big fans of Jenny. Donnie and Jenny have seemed like a perfect match ever since they started dating, but for some reason Mark just doesn't like her. Reports are that Bobby won't be there either.

One other person who won't be showing up is Donnie's mom, but that is only because she doesn't fly. Paul will be there though. As of right now, Mark is using another excuse to not go to the wedding. His rep said that he has to be at his daughter's birthday party and also has to do some filming.

Hollywood Life shared that the big wedding would be this weekend, but didn't have a ton of details. Jenny has shared that they are both single parents, but they somehow make it work. Donnie popped the question by having her son help out and these two are ready to be a married couple.

Jenny has a huge yellow sapphire engagement ring. This is making fans wonder if several things about the wedding will be non-traditional. Hopefully they will share pictures with their fans so that they can see the big day.

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