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Donna Scrivo-Ramsay Scrivo: Timeline of dismembered body case

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Donna Scrivo-Ramsay Scrivo Body Dismemberment Case: The Daily Tribune is reporting today that a Michigan mother has been charged with mutilating and dismembering the body of her mentally-ill son.

Prosecutors have charged registered nurse Donna Scrivo aka Donna Chaffin Scrivo with the murder of her son Ramsay Scrivo. Her son's body was found dismembered and discarded in garbage bags along rural roads.

Case background
Donna Scrivo is described by most people as a very nice woman. The 59-year-old year-old registered nurse was given legal guardianship of her mentally-ill son Ramsay Scrivo after he tried to commit suicide. The two are said to have had a loving relationship but have gone through a tough time since the death of Donna Scrivo's husband. People who know Donna Scrivo are shocked to find out that she has committed such a heinous crime. Police have not suggested a motive for the murder.

A brief timeline in the death of Ramsay Scrivo

January 26
Donna Scrivo contacts police and reports her son missing.

Thursday, January 30
Witnesses report seeing a middle aged, heavy set woman throwing body parts out of the window.

Friday, January 31

Police continue receiving reports that a middle aged woman is discarding trash along the roads in St.Clair.

Police recover the bags containing human remains. The bags are found along the road in St. Clair Township and China Township.

Police begin trying to identify the middle aged, heavy set woman.

According to the New York Daily News, police find bags in four different locations.

The identity of the dismembered body is not known.

Police transport the bags of body parts to the medical examiner's officer to try and determine the sex.

Police inform the public that they believe the body parts are from one individual, according to USA Today.

Police make the connection between the missing person's report for 32-year-old Ramsay Scrivo and the body parts discarded along the rural highway.

Saturday, February 1
Police arrest 59-year-old Donna Scrivo for the murder of son Ramsay Scrivo.

The Police Investigation

The initial police investigation revealed that Donna Scrivo was seen purchasing an electric saw on a store's video camera. The electric saw is found in one of the many bags that Scrivo discarded along the rural road.

An autopsy report revealed that the victim died from asphyxiation. The report also states that the victim was burned and had scars on the neck, consistent with ligature marks. The victim also had wounds to the head area which indicate blunt force trauma.

Monday, February 2

Donna Scrivo is arraigned.



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