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Donna K.'s Five Questions for Lady Sax (R)

Ernie "Lady Sax" Shelby
Ernie "Lady Sax" Shelby
Ernie D. Shelby

Ernie D. "Lady Sax" Shelby is a saxaphonist and vocalist based in Gary, Indiana.  She has performed at events all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Montego Bay, Jamaica.  She also runs Dimples Co., a music production company; and is the founder of the group Sisters in Song.  She can be reached at

DK:  At what age did you start your music training?

EDS:  I started at age 11 in a summer program at Drew Elementary School.

DK:  When did you decide to make music your profession?

EDS:  My mom and dad would have my brother and myself perform in front of the church and family gatherings.  I decided then.

DK:  What is your most popular CD that you've made?

EDS:  I only have one on my company's label:  "Dimples Co. Presents Lady Sax" is the name.

DK:  A lot of artists have a "regular job" on the side.  What's yours?\

EDS:  I have an accounting business [Ernie D. Shelby Accounting Services] as well as the music production company.

DK:  What's coming up next for Lady Sax?

EDS:  Lady Sax (R) is composing music for an upcoming musical play to premiere in December.