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Donna K.'s Five Questions for Jackie Harris

The paper's current logo
The paper's current logo
The 411

Jackie Harris is the editor-in-chief of The 411, a weekly newspaper based in Gary, Indiana and serving Northwest Indiana.

DK:  How long have you been in the newspaper business?

JH:  In 2006 I started The 411 but I got the newspaper and printing bug from my uncle J.T. Harris.  When I was a teenager, he started the Gary Info, a weekly newspaper.  That was in the 1960s.  The entire family helped out.  Helping out in his print shop or on the newspaper got me started in printing and publishing.  This was my career for nearly 30 years, but away from Gary.  I returned to Info in 2004, and when it closed in 2006, The 411 was born.  The 411 is a child of that paper.

DK:  How many people do you employ?

JH:  The paper has three weelky contributors [and] an advertising rep, along with freelance photographers and freelance editorial writers.

DK:  What is The 411's most popular feature?

JH:  It's got to be the column by Dorothy Nevils.  She is a retired high school teacher.  Readers love her no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners columns on everything from proper grammar to being a good neighbor.

DK:  Is there a certain news story or column you are most proud of?

JH:  No.  I am proujd of the effort than contributors make to put out a paper each week.

DK:  Where can people get The 411?

JH:  It is on the newsstands in Gary, Merrillville and Griffith and goes to subscribers anywhere in the U.S.


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