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Donna Freitas shows the Olympics through "Gold Medal Winter"

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Are you intrigued by the Winter Olympics going on in Sochi? Do you want to read more about figure skaters? Donna Freitas has brought the Olympics and what a US figure skater faces to real life in her book, “Gold Medal Winter.”

After years of practice and competition, Esperanza Flores will be skating for the US in the Olympics. This is a big deal for Espi, but with big chances come big distractions. All of a sudden, Espi can’t go out with her friends or even outside of her house without reporters swarming all around her. Autograph seekers are following her every move!

The other figure skaters have more experience, but they aren’t much comfort to Espi. In fact, they get a bit ‘mean girl’ on her and let her know that they think she can’t cut it. She’s too young, inexperienced, and just so new to all the Olympic drama.

On top of the girl drama, there are cute boys from the hockey team, a men’s figure skating champ who flirts with her, and … she is at the Olympics and needs to train even harder than before! Shutting out all these distractions is getting more difficult the more she is surrounded by it all.

After all those years of practicing and competition, will she be ready for her big chance? When she hears a sold-out crowd of almost 20,000 people chanting her name, she can’t believe that moment brought her into the world of Olympic figure skating…but here she is.

What Espi does with her chance is nothing short of amazing. She works harder than ever, but will the drama knock her off her game? Will it be too much of a distraction for her? Freitas weaves this magical tale of a girl and her dreams of a chance at the Olympics.

So, if you’re watching the Olympics and want to continue learning about the excitement of sit spins, perfect poses, and thrilling high jumps, go for the gold and pick up a copy of Donna Freitas’ “Gold Medal Winter.”