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Donna Fay Graziano reveals the secrets behind recapturing a youthful appearance

Donna Fay with celebrity clients Angeli Pivarnick from Jersey Shore and Gina Marie Zimmerman, 2nd runner up on last years "Big Brother"
Donna Fay with celebrity clients Angeli Pivarnick from Jersey Shore and Gina Marie Zimmerman, 2nd runner up on last years "Big Brother"
Dr. Steven Pearlman

The quest to discover the secrets to anti-aging is not new; the Fountain of Youth has long been a dream destination for those aging to find. Going back to even before Ponce De Leon searched for the eternal spring of life on a trip to Florida in the year 1513, the Fountain of Youth was believed to hold amazing water with the powers to renew one to their beautiful self possessed in their younger life by drinking it or bathing in it. As a L.E Licensed Esthetician Donna Fay Graziano works every day coaching people in their quest for a more youthful appearance. Donna Fay, "The Beauty Expert" gives the inside scoop revealing anti-aging truths.

Searching for anti-aging miracles has now turned into a money making machine.

Perhaps it began with the rich paying to travel to what was purported to be the "Fountain of Youth". As people began living longer, and seeing themselves aging instead of embracing the years and enjoying their life, people more and more have searched to discover a miracle to reverse the aging process of wrinkles, sagging and grey hair. Today anti-aging has become an industry of making money selling anti-aging cosmetic products, cosmetic anti-aging services and products that promise to fight off diseases. World has reported that according to a Global Industry Analysts report in 2009 the global anti-aging products market will reach $291.9 Billion by 2015.

Anti-aging is corporate driven wordplay.

How can one anti-age? As Donna Fay explains it in reality it is a matter of managing aging and maintaining a regimen. The Fountain of Youth does not exist, although drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated will make one feel and look better. Beyond water managing aging as people live upwards into their 90's and 100's is growing tremendously with more people having plastic surgery and dermatological treatments, and searching for miracle cosmetic solutions to reduce their aging appearance. According to statistics researched by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the total cosmetic procedures performed in 2012 reached 14,629,276.

Even after having a first treatment it is necessary to maintain treatments in order to keep the youthful appearance from wilting. Botox needs to be maintained about every three months, while a face lift may need a renewal after 10 years. People are now viewing getting fillers and Botox injections as a regular regimen to staying beautiful along with dyeing to hide the grey hair and getting facials and scrubs.

Patient beware; research the medical professional and treatment!

Even if a physician has a medical degree it does not mean that he or she should be performing certain procedures. There are doctors jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon injecting and prescribing without the proper training or certifications. Even dentists have joined the money making ranks by offering injectable procedures. It is extremely important to research to make sure that the doctor chosen has the proper certifications to perform and prescribe the care and treatments one is seeking.

One also needs to make sure that treatments performed and any meds prescribed should be approved by the FDA for what they are being used on you for. If they are not approved, such as certain hormone therapies, this means that you may be paying to be used as a guinea pig that could result in a harmful and adverse reaction other than what is being sought.

Donna Fay believes in seeking the least non-invasive procedures before going for the full surgical facelift. Her go to choice for a lift treatment is Ultherapy "The only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow". Donna is certified in the Ulthera procedure in which she has used on individuals, including celebrities, who she esthetically coaches.

Cosmetic products are not miracles in a container as advertised.

The search for the Fountain of Youth has morphed into the search for the "product of youth". Just as promises of the Fountain of Youth recapturing a youthful self that were touted those many centuries ago, everything is new again with people seeking the "product of youth" that will return their wrinkled skin into its smooth appearance from their youth. With so many products, lotions, make-up and personal care items promising a youthful appearance it is obvious if there was one miracle out there it would be discovered and all of the others would disappear.

Manufacturers are making money by selling to peoples fear of growing and looking old. Donna Fay advises to save the dollars; the most important anti-aging product that one should use, no matter what age in life, is a good sunscreen and cleansing regimen.

The fear of aging is being passed on; stop it!

Parents are placing their own anxieties about aging on their children. Those now in their teens and twenties are paying for procedures to reduce wrinkles that can barely be seen by the naked eye. Instead of instilling the fear of aging in our youth, healthy living through diet, exercise, and a skin regimen should be what the younger set should be learning.

Donna Fay is adamant about the most important factors to staying youthful. Simply saying no to smoking, using sunscreen, eating a healthy diet and keeping active will hold off the aging process as long as possible. It is important to start the teaching at a young age that taking proper care of the skin and keeping the body in shape to stave off illness and keep the brain active is the true secret to staying youthful inside and out.

With age comes the wisdom that one did not have in their youth. Use that wisdom wisely when searching for a more youthful self. Remember that staying active equates with staying younger in thought and looks so get going and never be afraid to dance.

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