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Donkey Kong World Champion Beats Own Score

Hank Chien has beaten his own Donkey Kong score for yet another world record
Hank Chien has beaten his own Donkey Kong score for yet another world record
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Hank Chien has become the first man to beat Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe and Hank Chien at Donkey Kong.

With the best at the arcade classic set to do battle in the upcoming Kong Off event in New Jersey, the current Donkey Kong champion has defeated his own record score by a wide margin.

Twin Galaxies verified and posted Chien's new record of 1,090,400 points on Friday, March 11. Chien not only upped his previous world record mark of 1,068,000 points but is now more than 25,000 points ahead of former champions Wiebe and Mitchell.

"I wasn't intending on upping the ante but yes it happened... I don't plan these things," Chien said.

To add to the drama, this time Chien set the new record on the Donkey Kong machine at famed New Hampshire arcade Funspot, the very Donkey Kong machine that appears in the film The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Chien is one of ten Donkey Kong champions set to take place in the Kong Off event on March 19-20 at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games. He is also the focal point of the new documentary short, Doctor Kong.

Please check the links at the top and bottom of this page to read more about the Kong-Off and Doctor Kong from stories and interviews conducted during this past week.


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