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'Donkey basketball' game cancellation becomes 'win/win' after donations pour in

'Donkey basketball' game cancellation becomes 'win/win' after donations pour in
'Donkey basketball' game cancellation becomes 'win/win' after donations pour in
Pasado's Safe Haven

On Friday, Jan. 17, KOMO 4 News reported that a game of "donkey basketball" was cancelled after pressure from Washington state animal organization Pasado's Safe Haven. But the cancellation is proving to be a win/win: the organization has collected donations exceeding what the donkey basketball game would have yielded.

The event is sponsored by Anacortes Eagles Lodge No. 249 and has been going on for years as a way to raise money for the food bank.

In a press release issued today, Pasado's Safe Haven stated:

The donkey basketball game scheduled to take place in Anacortes, Washington on January 18 was cancelled thanks to phone calls that animal advocates made to the Eagles, the Anacortes school principal, and the superintendent!

Pasado’s Safe Haven had asked the Eagles and the Anacortes Superintendent of Public Schools to cancel the “Donkey Basketball” fundraiser planned for this Saturday night. Pasado’s Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations, Kim Koon, met with Superintendent Wenzel Wednesday, January 15th in Anacortes, Washington.

On Thursday, January 16, the Anacortes, police chief, the school superintendent, the school principal, and the Eagles met – and they decided that they didn’t want this reputation for their city!

We commend everyone for their humane choice! In the spirit of finding a “win/win” solution, Pasado’s and all of our supporters are showing how grateful we are for this humane choice! We have already received donations! Within only two hours, we have reached 60% of our goal of $1000 for the food bank!

We now have over $950.00!

Between 50-60% of the ticket sales for the “donkey basketball” games go to Donkey Sports, so only 40-50% of the funds the game raised would have gone to the Food Bank. This positive win/win will raise more money for the Anacortes food bank than the abusive basketball game would have! We’re excited to see donations continue to climb!

According to Pasado's Safe Haven, donations are currently over 100% of their goal - and climbing.

You can bring your donations to the Holiday Inn parking lot in Everett between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18:

Holiday Inn Everett
3105 Pine St.
Everett, Wash. 98201

Kim Koon, director of Pasado's Rescue Operations, stated that the game is cruel to the donkeys.

"These donkeys are trying to do everything to get away from the situation," she said.

"They have a person on their back who's too heavy for them, and they have no options to get away or remove themselves from the situation. It's very clear to see when you watch these events these animals are in distress and very fearful."

About Pasado's Safe Haven
Pasado's Safe Haven is a Washington state 501(c)(3) dedicated to ending animal cruelty. They rescue dogs, cats, and farmed animals from abuse and neglect, advocating for better treatment of these animals by society and promoting laws and personal choices that eliminate suffering for animals.

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