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Done! Windowfarms project is fully funded by internet drive on Kickstart.


This is a screen shot taken one hour after the dealine today, when Windowfarms succeeded in reaching (and surpassing) its $25,000 goal on kickstarter, they now exist as a funded non-profit!

I had reported about this fundraiser as my first article as the Green Architecture Examiner attracted by the ingenuity and the simplicity of the main idea behind the project. The kickstarter campaign has made it possible for the project to become a funded undertaking.

Windowfarms started as an art project by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray in February of 2009 during a residency at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York. It has grown into a grassroots movement through organized online collaboration of interested individuals; together, they design an ever improving system for growing vegetables and plants in the windows of their apartments and houses.

There's still time to contribute to their efforts and help their project continue to grow, outside the fundraiser. Go to their kickstarter page and follow the instructions on the last post.

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