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Donckers Candy Store: Generational confectionist

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by Ray Anthony

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Donckers Candy Store: Generational confectionist

When native Belgian, Fred Doncker lost his arm in 1895 while conducting his duties as a general assistant during his tenure of employment at Stafford's Greenhouse, the man was plagued with disparaging thoughts as to what he would do to support his family.

In 1896, after nearly a years-worth of time spent recovering, Donckers began a modest open-air stand offering fresh fruit, tobacco, $.05 hot-buttered popcorn and his specially featured candies created with his native Belgian linage of confectionist artisan skills that coursed through his blood. Donckers was certainly determined to make a go of it.

Donckers determined go of it paid off. By1914, Fred Donckers had become financially fit to build a more permanent home for what is simply still known today as 'Doncker's.' But Donckers didn't stop there. Right next door he also had a theater built which was leased by and know historically known as 'Deft Theaters.'

Donckers spurt growth never stopped since and has continued to expand by means of physicality in nature, as well as the menu offerings that can be had at either the lunch-counter, or one of the private booths situated in the back that are pleasantly marred by “historic graffiti” if you will.