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Donating Money Online to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

With the unprecedented damage from Hurricane Sandy, there is a great need for support services for many that sustained damage to their homes and businesses. Many homeowners are still without electricity, facing flooding, and loss of personal property. While emergency personnel from both local and state governments are working to help many in the affected regions, anyone can help out further by donating money to supportive organizations including the Red Cross. As with all online donations, always use a caution and check to see if donations will be directly applied to targeted areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Below is a list of online resources for donations

Online guides regarding online donations

BBB offers advice on Hurricane Sandy donations

A well written guide for anyone wishing to donate money to any online charity or resource.

Charities offering services for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Red Cross

Red Cross operates emergency shelters throughout the affected areas, provides medical and food services, and has emergency vehicles ready to help with transportation needs.


Americares is a medical and supply organization that helps distributes emergency supplies to afflicted areas.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army provides emergency supplies, food, medicine, care, and transportation services in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

National Firefighters Endowment Fund

An emergency fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Save The Children

Save the Children provides food, medical, and emergency services for poor children and families. They have a specific program for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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